The Lighter Side

My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...

It's been a while since I posted on my progress.  I've had an injury and its been a frustrating 7 weeks or so,

With hindsight, I probably ramped up the running far too quickly and rather than over a period of say 6 months I did it in a period of 6 weeks.

I ended up with very painful knees so much so I could barely walk up and down stairs.  I could cycle, row and do weights but couldn't do anything weight-bearing which meant no running, highly frustrating.

A trip to the physio ( - highly recommended) diagnosed it as patella tendinitis.  After a couple of visits, lots of rest and targeted exercises and stretching I'm finally back running.

Fortunately, despite me taking out my frustration on the biscuit barrel, I've still managed to lose 3lbs from my last weigh-in on here and now weigh-in at 12st 10lbs although I did get down to 12st 7lb shortly after I stopped running.

To my amazement, I did a Parkrun at the weekend and finished only 6 seconds down on my PB.

Moving on to the next few weeks, I've got six weeks to get to my target weight of 12st before I head off on holiday.  Hopefully, by posting back on here, I can move my focus away from biscuits and get my eyes on the prize.

Lots of stretching and targeted exercises to help my knees ahead and build slowly back into the running.




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