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My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...

At the start of the year we sat down as family and set out our personal goals for the year.  Mine was to lose two stones in weight and get under 25 minutes for the 5km Parkrun.  Sat around the breakfast table on New Years day I weighed in at a hefty 14st 2lbs and my best parkrun time was 30m 36s

2 months later I weighed in at 14st 1lb and still hadn’t done another parkrun!!

So, I’m writing this in a bid to kickstart my progress and make myself accountable by writing a weekly diary of my progress.

I have picked up quite a bit over the last month and started doing a lot more running.  I recently purchased Jack Daniels Running Formula and this week I kicked off phase 1 of building my base.

According to Jack my VDOT is 32.

So for this week I have a plan of lots of easy running:

Monday - Friday 8km @ 6.30 per km

Saturday 15km @ 7.00 per km

These runs are bit faster than the easy running in his book and more like M (marathon pace) running but I struggle to run any slower.  I will review my heart rate and see if I need to adjust.

According to the formula 220 - (0.85 * Age) my approximate max heart rate is around 181 so in order to run at 60% - 70% intensity my heart rate should be between 110 and 126.  There's zero chance of that happening lugging 14st along so I will just go with what I find comfortable.

Opening weight for this week was 13st 13lb / 88.5kg / 195lbs

Target is to lose 2lb/1kg per week through a combination of dieting and eating more like this:

Healthy Meal


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