The Lighter Side

My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...
Phase 1 - Week 1 Review

Quick recap of the weeks training targets and my starting weight.

Monday - Friday 8km @ 6:30 per km

Saturday 15km @ 7:00 per km.

Starting weight 13st 13lb / 88.5kg / 195lbs

So how did I get on?

Monday to Thursday I did the 8km slightly faster at 6:25 per km 

Friday, the wife kicked me out of the house to run with my son :)  He paced me around a 5km local route in 29:35

Saturday I did 8.1 miles (13km) in 90 minutes.  I didn't want to take the run any longer than 90 minutes at this stage of my running. 

Sunday morning weigh had me coming in at 13st 10lb / 87kg / 192lbs

Pretty chuffed with that.

Week 2 Plan is pretty similar to Week 1.  Upon reviewing my heart rate levels I'm going to slow it down a notch and increase the mileage a bit.

Mon-Fri 9km @ 6:45 per km

Saturday hopefully another 13km or so, I might be away so I'll have to see if this is possible.

Weight loss might be a struggle due the enormous carvery meal I had at the pub on Sunday !



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