The Lighter Side

My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...
Phase 1 - Week 2 Review

Unfortunately, I did not get to do my long run on Saturday this week as I had daddy-day-care duties to attend to and postponed it to the Sunday.  I did, however, manage to do all other planned runs as per the plan

Mon - Fri  9km @ 6:35 - 6:45 pace

Weigh-in on Sunday morning had me clocking in at 13st 8lb 6oz / 190lbs / 86.4kg

A solid if an unspectacular loss of 1.5lbs 

Plan for this week shows a change to the long run now being moved to Sunday and then two small runs per day Mon - Fri

Sunday 13km in ~90 mins 

Monday - Friday am & pm: 5km @ 6:35 - 6:45 pace

Total kilometers for the week ~63km

Feeling confident I will be able to knock another couple of lbs off hopefully targetting 13st 6lbs




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