The Lighter Side

My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...
Phase 1 - Week 3 Review

Week 3 I managed to do all my runs as planned. 

Sunday 13km in 90 minutes

Mon - Fri  5km am & pm @ 6:35 to 6:45 pace.

Towards the end of the week, I found the pace too comfortable so I increased the pace slightly ~6:30 per km pace. 

Friday evening I decided to change things up a bit so I started on the treadmill at 9.5 km/h and every minute I increased the pace by 0.1 km/h.  I wanted to see how long before I blew up and had to dial it down to a jog.  To my surprise, it didn't happen and I finished the run at 12.2 km/h coming in at 27:47

The one downside to this weeks running was the appearance of blisters which made life a bit sore for the last few runs.

Weigh-in on Sunday morning had me clocking in at 13st 5lb 6oz / 187lbs / 85kg

A very pleasing 3lb loss for the week which I celebrated with an enormous Sunday roast undoing most of the good work!!

Unfortunately, due to the blisters, I was unable to do a long run this week so the plan for the coming week is 

Mon - Fri 6km am and pm @ 6:35 - 6:45 per km

That will complete the phase of base building and I can then move onto phase 2 introducing some repetition runs.


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