The Lighter Side

My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...
Phase 1 - Week 4 Review

Another successful week on the treadmill, completed all runs as planned and had to increase the pace a bit as the runs were feeling too comfortable.

So, Mon - Fri 6km am & pm @ between 6:20 and 6:30 per km.

As a bonus on Saturday, I attempted a fast 5km on the treadmill and completed it in 26:31.

More good news on the weigh-in as I lost another 3lbs to bring me down to 14st 2lb 6oz / 184lbs / 83.6kg

And even better news the blisters have largely gone !!

This week coming is the start of phase 2 where I introduce some repetition runs and a little bit of tempo running.  Still trying to stick largely to Jack Daniels 5km training plan.

I'm going to have to keep it fairly fluid this week as I'm home alone but generally, lots of easy running when I can and sprinkle in some quality sessions where possible.




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