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My progress to a lighter me and 25min 5km ...
Phase 2 - Week 2 Review

A bit of a hit and miss week really.  The week started well but ended with a sore knee so decided to mostly rest it at the end of the week.

Mon:  lunchtime long run got interrupted by the fire alarm at the gym so was 6.85 followed by 8.15 in approximately 1hr 37mins

Tue: 6km am @ 6:04 per km, 6km pm @ 5:57 per km.  Outdoors around the lake (had a 2nd dinner that evening pesky flies) 

Weds: am 6km with 3 x 1km @5:00 per km 2 min jog recovery 33:05 total time.  pm 6km outdoors avoided the lake :) in 34:53 avg 5:48 per km. 

Thurs: 6km am @ 5:57 per km 

Then the knee started feeling sore so I decided to rest and only did the Parkrun on Saturday 

Sat: Parkrun at Congleton 5km in 27:44 

Weigh in on Sunday morning saw me weighing in at 12st 13lbs a loss of 1.5 lbs for the week and under the 13st barrier !! 

Plans for Week 3 center mainly around how my knee feels but will largely be the same as Week 2 

Mon: long run 

Tues: Easy 6km am and pm 

Weds: am 6km with 3 x 1km @5:00 per km 2 min jog recovery, easy 6km pm,  

Thurs: Easy 6km am and pm 

Fri: am 6km with 3 x 1km @5:00 per km 2 min jog recovery 

Probably won't be able to run Friday pm or at the weekend as I have things planned.


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