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An example of how to use a premium template with Articulate.

Peter Stokes · Thursday, July 12, 2018

My blog uses a template called Unify from Htmlstream.  I've used this template on loads of projects and when they announced the launch of a new template called Front I thought I'd get the credit card out and write up how to integrate it into an Articulate theme.

As per the instructions on the GitHub page, an Articulate theme requires 4 files.

  1. Master.cshtml
  2. List.cshtml
  3. Post.cshtml
  4. Tags.cshtml

The easiest way to start off is to copy an existing theme and delete any unnecessary files.

For this theme, I've not implemented any side columns but the Front template does have example pages with right and left sidebars which could easily be integrated.

Once the folder structure is setup then its just a case of transforming the Front template HTML into a razor script.

For instance 


Once all the files have been implemented the blog looks like this

I've also added a plugin controller which is called via ajax to provide load more functionality in place of paging.  Full source code can be found on my GitHub repo

For license reasons, I cannot include the Front css/js files.  It does say in the license agreement

"Make unlimited copies of the single End Product as long as the End Product is distributed for free"

However, I'm not sure if this covers this usage scenario.  So if you want to implement this theme then simply get the credit card out, download the assets and copy them into the root project folder like this

Project Structure

It's also possible to use this template in a wider context where Articulate is just a sub-section of the website.  I will probably do a follow-up article on how to do that.

Now all I need to do is upgrade my blog to the new theme!!

As always, if you found this post useful please share and comment.  If you think I may be of assistance to you or your company I am available for freelance work so feel free to get in touch. 


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